Hydrogen Content in Fuels (ASTM D7171-05)

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General Notes

Analysis of hydrogen content in jet fuels according ASTM D 7171-05 is very important as this value is a fundamental quality parameter of any oil distillate that correlate with many of the performance characteristics of fuel. Combustion properties of jet fuels are related to hydrogen content. The reduced hydrogen content causes soot deposites, increasing of smoke and thermal radiation and may destroy the combustor of jet vehicle.

Measurement Flow

For this method it is needed the NMR analyzer together with the special application and the tempering and weighting devices. Sample preparation is very simple, it is required only to put the portion of liquid into the test tube and heat in special thermostat at 35 ºC or 40 ºC not less that 20 minutes. The calibration is prepared using calibrations samples with known hydrogen content (see application note for detailed information). Hydrogen content is proportional to maximal FID (free induction decay) amplitude. Single measurement requires less than 1 minute.


TD-NMR analyzer Spin Track from Resonance System with 18 mm test tube is ideal instrument for ASTM D 7171-05 measurements because of fine technical characteristics which make measurements very reproducible and accurate.

Spin Track fulfills the requirements of this standard. The device is submitted with dry thermostate, electronic balancec and reference standards. Spin Track maintains automatic start of the measurement.