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Particles and Dispersions

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General Notes

Capacitors, resistors, semiconductors, inks and dyes as well as pills, cosmetics, environmental adsorbents and many other things in industry and in daily life represent heterogeneous colloidal substances. To characterize them there are several very important values like Surface Area, Particles Dimensions, Colloid Concentration (solid particles mass or volume fraction in liquid solution). Surely there exists a number of classical methods to measure these values like light scattering, diffraction, electron microscopy, viscosimetry, centrifuging etc. Time Domain NMR is one of the most promising approach of all existing ones that is extremely cost effective, easy and accurate.

Measurement Flow

Increasing the amount of dispersed particles one can get the so-called relaxivity value that is proportional to surface area of particles and that is used in Spin Track application “Particles and Dispersions”. For measuring surface area concentration or mean particles size a user just needs to select what parameter to estimate and insert a sample into the magnet of Spin Track. All measurements, calculations and reports will be done automatically or according to the measurement script loaded into Relax8 software. For calibration of the instrument it is necessary to have just one sample (of the same nature) with known surface area and concentration. Calibration data are stored in the application file and can be retrieved at any moment.


NMR analyzer Spin Track from Resonance Systems is perfect and affordable instrument for accurate investigation of colloidal systems. High signal-to-noise ratio, very homogeneous magnetic field, extremely perfect timing and strong power of NMR pulses allow precise measurement of CPMG sequence with just one scan. Spin Track maintains automatic start of the measurement.