Scientific Applications and R&D

NMR relaxation is an informative method for studying physical and chemical properties of a wide range of samples which have different nature: from biological tissues to artificial polymers. The NMR relaxation with its non-invasiveness, minimal sample preparation, mobility, high sensitivity, speed of analysis is very attractive for researches and finds practical application in many industries.

The main parameters measured in the low-resolution NMR experiment are the relaxation times T1 and T2, as well as the amplitudes of the individual components of the relaxation signals in the study of multiphase systems. NMR analyzer Spin Track allows one carrying out both classical pulse sequences such as FID, Solid Echo and CPMG in T2 experiments, Saturation recovery sequence in T1 experiments, and also specific pulse sequences such as Goldman-Shen sequence and DQ-filter, which are used in more complex experiments on studying spin diffusion process.

Below you can find some of research contributions that have involved the Spin Track:

  1. The study of changes in the supramolecular structure of cellulose during adsorption and estimate the crystallinity degree, the linear dimensions of the surface thickness of cellulose crystallites and the average depth of micropores that are formed between elementary fibrils, as well as the character of water uptake by micropores.

  2. Recent publications

  3. Environment Monitoring and Bio-diesel.

  4. Recent publications
    • A non-fouling online method for monitoring precipitation of metal ions in mine waters.
      Nikolskaya E., Liukkonen M., Kankkunen J., Hiltunen Y.
      IFAC-PapersOnLine 2015 48-17: 098–101

    • Determination of Carbon Chain Lengths of Fatty Acid Mixtures by Time Domain NMR.
      Nikolskaya E., Hiltunen Y.
      Applied Magnetic Resonance. 2018 49, 2: 185-193

    • Molecular Properties of Fatty Acid Mixtures Estimated by Online Time-Domain NMR.
      Nikolskaya E., Hiltunen Y.
      Applied Magnetic Resonance (published online).

  5. Investigation of “polymer-water” and “polymer-polymer” interactions, swelling properties of different composite hydrogels and composite emulsion gels and explain the water uptake behavior of such systems.

  6. Recent publications
    • Physico-Chemical Changes of Composite Whey Protein Hydrogels in Simulated Gastric Fluid Conditions
      Baris Ozel, Ozlem Aydin, Leonid Grunin, and Mecit H. Oztop
      Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2018 66 (36), 9542-9555
      DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.8b02829

    • Effect of different polysaccharides on swelling of composite whey protein hydrogels: A low field (LF) NMR relaxometry study

      Baris Ozel, Sirvan S. Uguz, Mete Kilercioglu, Leonid Grunin, Mecit H. Oztop
      Journal of food Process Engineering 2016 40 (3)
      DOI: 10.1111/jfpe.12465

  7. Understanding of microwave heating time on gel matrix of starch varieties and evaluate the changes in proton populations and firmness values in gel matrix structures during gelatinization.

  8. Recent publications
    • NMR relaxometry as a tool to understand the effect of microwave heating on starch-water interactions and gelatinization behavior
      Baris Ozel, Damla Dag, Mete Kilercioglu, S. Gulum Sumnu, Mecit Halil Oztop
      LWT - Food Science and Technology 2017 83, 10-17
      DOI: 10.1016/j.lwt.2017.04.077

  9. Study of properties of industrial polyethylene samples with different crystallinity

  10. Recent publications
    • Free and constrained amorphous phases in polyethylene: Interpretation of 1H NMR and SAXS data over a broad range of crystallinity
      Josef Chmela, Richard Pokorný, Patrik Schneider, Klara Smolna, Petr Belský, Juraj Kosek
      Polymer 2015 58, 189-198
      DOI: 10.1016/j.polymer.2014.12.036

  11. Estimation of the oil contents of the samples.

  12. Recent publications

  13. Measure of alcohol content of different alcoholic beverages.

  14. Recent publications
    • Illustration of inversion‐recovery and Carr‐Purcell‐Meiboom‐Gill sequences by the determination of ethanol content in alcoholic beverages
      Yves Gossuin, Quoc L. Vuong, Leonid Grunin, Laurence Van Nedervelde, Anne Pietercelie
      Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A 2018 46 (3)
      DOI: 10.1002/cmr.a.21460

  15. Study of supramolecular structure of chitosan acid-hydrolysis products during its water uptake and evaluate the their principal characteristics (specific surface area, average crystallite size, and degree of crystallinity).

  16. Recent publications

  17. Determination of  micropores volume in activated charcoal samples with different porous structures.

  18. Recent publications
    • Determining the Sizes of Micropores in Activated Charcoals by the Pulsed NMR Method
      G. Sh. Gogelashvili, E. V. Khozina, R. Sh. Vartapetyan, D. V. Ladychuk, Yu. B. Grunin
      Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2011 85 (7), 1237-1241
      DOI: 10.1134/S0036024411070089