Solid Fat Content (SFC) Analysis

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General Notes

Solid Fat Content (SFC) determination is generally accepted analysis of fats and oils in the food industry and evaluates the quality of these products. Direct measurements of SFC by NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) provides quick and accurate determination of SFC value. NMR as method of fats and oils analysis is included in the following international standards:

  • AOCS Cd 16b-93 revised in 2000
  • ISO 8292
  • IUPAC 2.150

Measurement Flow

For this method it is needed the Spin Track NMR analyzer together with the SFC application and the tempering devices. Sample preparation is determined by measurement protocol according to fat nature. The calibration is prepared using calibrations samples with known SFC value. Calibration samples also are used for daily validation. Solid Fat Content determination by NMR is based on direct ratio measuring between the solid and liquid parts of the sample. Single measurement requires less than 30 second. SFC value is determined for several temperatures starting from 0 °C, behavior of obtained melting curve described content and quality of fat.


TD-NMR analyzer Spin Track from Resonance System with 10 mm test tube is ideal instrument for SFC measurements because of fine technical characteristics which make measurements very reproducible and accurate. Spin Track fulfills the requirements of international standards like AOCS Cd 16b-93, ISO 8292, IUPAC 2.150. The device is submitted with original calibration samples (typically 0, 30, 70 and 100% of SFC) and tempering devices. Spin Track maintains automatic start of the measurement.