Spin Finish Analysis

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General Notes

Spin Finish, Finish on Fibers or Oil Pick Up (OPU) measurements on artificial fibers are essential in textile industry. By using the Spin Track analyzer, the measurement takes no longer than one minute, it does not require any solvents or complicated sample preparation and there is no need in qualified personnel with chemical education. There are two options for a customer in selection of the measurement program:

  • The weighting method – very accurate values of the OPU with high repeatability. It can be used for the entire possible range of the Spin Finish content. The measurement assumes weighting of a sample with the following NMR measurement that starts automatically when a test tube is inserted into NMR magnet.
  • The weightless method – it is used far more often mostly due to rapid results readiness. For low OPU content the values are slightly less precise but for most of application the accuracy is sufficient.

Measurement Flow

For both methods it is needed the Spin Track NMR analyzer together with the Spin Finish application, calibration samples and the balances for the weighting method are supplied by Resonance Systems. Calibration procedure is not required to be performed every day, in most of the cases doing it once a month is enough. Samples should be placed into standard 18 mm OD test tubes. The measurement itself starts automatically with the sample placed into the Spin Track analyzer.


The Spin Track NMR Analyzer is a benchtop device that requires just a laboratory table and power plug. It is driven by a personal computer operated under Microsoft Windows starting from Windows 7 up to Windows 10. The software Relax 8 that controls the NMR device is fully consistent with modern graphical user interfaces. When Spin Finish application is loaded it just enough to put a sample into the measurement cell to get accurate results. The analyzer comes with calibration and validation samples.