NMR Power Amplifier (5-30 MHz)

Printout Drawing

Resonance Systems offers NMR RF power amplifier provides increasing of amplitude of pulses from TX channel of NMR/MRI board. Power output radiofrequency pulses of amplifier provide full and quick excitation of sample nuclei. Amplifier equipped with power voltage stabilization system.

Frequency range:
5 MHz - 30 MHz
Maximal output power
300 W
Input power
50 mW
Power supply
36 VDC
Input/output impedance
50 Ω
Onboard RF connectors type
PCB dimensions
125x70 mm

It is possible to change parameters of amplifier to fulfil specific requirements.

Standard case specifications:
128x76x35 mm
Input RF connector
Output RF connector
Power connector
Molex 1723161304