Gas chromatograph Chromatec Crystal 9000

Gas chromatograph Chromatec Crystal 9000 is a high quality and reliable instrument that was designed to meet your requirements. Flexible design allows combining standard GC components (detectors, injectors, flow controllers, valves and so on) into numerous variety of configurations. Over 30 years of developing and manufacturing led to creating an easy-to-use and completely automated Chromatec Crystal 9000 GC which allows implementing a wide range of applications. Main features: Stability, Robustness, Performance at a Reasonable price.

Key features

Flow and Pressure control Electronic Flow and Pressure Controller
Maximum flow 1250 mL/min
Maximum oven temperature 450 °C
Pressure control setpoint step 0.01 kPa / 0.001 psi
Number of inlets and detectors installed simultaneously 3 inlets and 4 detectors
Detectors available FID, FPD, TCD, ECD, PID, CCD. PDD, MSD
Inlets available Split/Splitless
Programmable Split/Splitless (PTV)
Retention time repeatability 0.008 min