Mass-spectrometer Chromatec Crystal GC-MS

Chromatec Crystal GC-MS is an affordable and reliable instrument with excellent sensitivity and usability which meets all industry standards. It can be used in any laboratory in the field of ecology, toxicology, forensic, food quality and others.  Acquired spectra can be identified in NIST or other library. Over 15 years of experience in GC-MS helped to develop the instrument with high accuracy and performance. At the same time it is simple in maintenance and service, and software is user friendly.

Key features

Ion source Inert with maximum temperature up to 350 °C
Quadrupole Inert with prefilter
Detection system High-sensitivity off-axis 10 kV dynode with long-life electron multiplier
Filament Dual
Sensitivity Signal-to-Noise ratio is 2500:1 for 1 pg of Octafluoronaphthale
Operation modes Scan, SIM, Scan & SIM (simultaneous)
Scan speed Up to 20,000 amu/sec
Scan range From 1 to 1200 amu
Options Chemical ionization
Direct probe system (DPS)