Multi-channel NMR/MRI RF board SB-4M

SB-4M is the broadband radiofrequency board with embedded precision DDS, timing and data acquisition system. It is specially designed for NMR and MRI applications. SB-4M allows serving as NMR/MRI console, performs excitation RF-pulse sequences, magnetic field gradients pulses, data acquisition and processing. The SB-4M comes with original software Relax which provides full functionality of Spin Track NMR system. Shielding case is available.

SB-4M specifications:

Frequency range: 1 kHz - 100 MHz
TX channels number 2
Maximal TX output 2 V peak-to-peak (10 dBm)
RX channels number 1
Adjustable RX gain -9..51 dB
Bipolar gradient channel number 4
Maximal gradient output voltage 1 V peak-to-peak
External clock input 1
Real-time outputs 16
Real-time outpuls voltage CMOS Flash TTL 3.3 V
Sequence time resolution:  20 ns
Frequency resolution:  1 Hz
ADC bits: 14 or 16
RF-pulses phase shift step: 50
PC connection: High Speed USB 2.0
Power Supply 12 VDC, -12 VDC, 5 VDC
Software Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Data compatibility: ANSI Values Columns, Microsoft Excel®
RF connectors type SMA(F)
Dimensions 165x125 mm  SB-4M printout