TD-NMR Analyzer Spin Mate

Spin Mate brochure

Compact benchtop TD-NMR analyzer Spin Mate is an ideal instrument for such applications as Relaxation times measurement, Surface Area and Wettability of nano-particles and colloidal systems, Crystallinity and Domain Sizes in Polymers and many others. Observable nuclei: 1H (basic configuration).

Spin Mate NMR analyzer specifications
1H Frequency: 18 MHz
PC connection: High Speed USB 2.0
Total gain: 90 dB
Noise figure: < 1.5 dB
Ringing time for complete system: < 8 μs
Maximal 90-degree pulse duration: 3 μs
Power requirements
100..240 VAC, 50..60 Hz
Relax8 software
Pulse sequence: Fully programmable cycles, events, durations, phase shifts
Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
Data compatibility: ANSI Values Columns, Microsoft Excel®
300x174x172 mm
16 kg
Power consumption
Max. 100 W
Tube diameter
5 or 10 mm on demand