TDA Thermal Desorber

TDA thermal desorber brochure

Dual stage fully automated thermal desorber can be applied for:

  • VOC and SVOC in air (ambient, indoor, car), water and soil;
  • determination of VOC and toxins emission from
  • different materials (paints, coatings, fibers, packages, construction materials and plastics);
  • food, flavor and fragrance analysis;

It provides high performance of the instrument by means of robotic loading of tubes into desorption unit. Sample lines are inert and heated up to 350 ºC that is suitable for labile components (for example hydrocarbons up to C44).

Key features
Tube tray capacity
50 tubes
Desorption temperature
Up to 400 ºC (0,1 ºC increment)
Cold trap temperature range
-20..+400 ºC
Trap heating rate
500; 1000; 1500 or 2000 ºC/min
User interface
PC and touch screen