Welcome to Resonance Systems

Resonance Systems is a modern scientific oriented technology company on the world market of Analytical Instrumentation in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).


Why the Spin Track?

Measurement instruments from Resonance Systems provide the following advantages:
  • Reduction of expenses to follow high quality requirements of products
  • Simplicity of usage in production routine measurements and in advanced laboratories for sophisticated analysis
  • Non-invasiveness of sample during measurements
  • Solutions for non-standard NMR applications, including sub-zero temperatures and measurements in a flow
  • Permanent technical support and comprehensive scientific consulting
  • Who we are

    Story about us

    Resonance Systems was founded in 2008 by specialists from the Volga State University of Technology, Russian Federation, who had great experience in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance and the electronic design. Back in 1969, we have created our first NMR machine! The main activity of the company from the moment of foundation to the present day is the development, production and implementation of analytical equipment for industrial and research needs.

    Resonance Systems offers solutions for a wide range of analytical tasks. We deal with serial production and development of specialized instrumentation in accordance with specific customer requirements. The company's strategy is focused on superior quality lab equipment, responsible customers support and design of portable and affordable NMR sensors for industry 4.0 standards.

    first hand-made NMR (Yoshkar-Ola, USSR)
    first industrial installation (Kiev, USSR)
    first instrument installed in Europe (Aachen, Germany)
    first instrument in USA (Danbury, CT)
    Resonance Systems is formed as the academia independent Company (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia)
    Resonance Systems Czech branch (Praha, Czech Republic)
    Headquarter is established in Germany (Kirchheim unter Teck, BW)