Resonance Systems Ltd. is modern scientific oriented technology company on the World market of Analytical Instrumentation in the field of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) phenomenon*. We develop and produce OEM analytical hardware and software for industrial routines and R&D needs. Outmoded NMR hardware upgrade and modernization is also provided. The mainstream product of Resonance Systems is TD-NMR analyzer Spin Track that can be applied for different types of measurements in various fields of human activity like:

  • Food industry (Solid Fat Content Analysis; Oil and Moisture in Chocolate, Powdered Milk, Cheese and other food products; Oil and Moisture in seeds)
  • Cellulose and paper manufacturing (Moisture/Crystallinity analysis, investigations of ageing effects)
  • Petroleum industry (rock cores analysis, oil-water systems analysis, total hydrogen content estimation)
  • Polymer and rubber industry (Curing degree and elasticity analysis, polymer ageing, oil pick up of artificial fibers)
  • Chemical industry
  • Medicine
  • Environmental (water pollution, forest degradation)
  • And of course many others

Overview of Spin Track instrumentation and applications  (789 kb)

Applications of the mobile measurement equipment from Resonance Systems Ltd. provide the following advantages:

  • Reduction of expenses to follow high quality requirements of products
  • Simplicity of usage in production routine measurements and in advanced laboratories for complicated analysis
  • Mobility of the hardware and low cost for the overall device
  • Non-invasiveness of sample during measurements
  • Possible solutions for non-standard NMR applications
  • Permanent technical support and comprehensive scientific consulting

*NMR is one of the main methods of quantum radiophysics. The base of phenomenon is synchronous radiation of electromagnetic energy by hydrogen nuclei. Nuclei have to be in constant magnetic field. Process of radiation is observed after excitement of nuclei by electromagnetic field with resonance frequency. Radiation can be registered as electric signal. This NMR signal contains information about macrostructure and structure properties of matter.