NMR laboratory of the Resonance Systems Ltd. community perform continuous researches in the NMR related fields for the last forty years. Started from magnetic resonance traditions of Kazan State University that was founded the scientific school in Mari State Technical University (Yoshkar-Ola). Here we educate specialists in Physical Chemistry and Technical applications of NMR.

Today the scientific activity goes in the following directions:

  • Physical Chemistry of the natural polysaccharides (cellulose, chitosan, chitin, paper)
  • Development of carbon black adsorption materials
  • Investigation of ageing process in cellulose and polymer materials
  • Elaboration of the industry-applicable NMR methods for food products
  • NMR relaxation in elastomers
  • NMR hardware and software development
  • High Resolution NMR in relatively low inhomogeneous magnetic fields

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Most important available absracts:

  • Resolving chemical shift spectra with a low-field NMR relaxometer // Chemical Physics Letters, 397, 2004 request >>>
  • Standardization of Results of NMR relaxation Experiments in Rubber Investigation // Applied Magnetic Resonance, 29, 2005 request >>>
  • Investigations of elastomers structure by surface nuclear magnetic relaxation // SDMS-XII, Yoshkar-Ola, 2005 request >>>
  • Surface NMR: sensors development and elastomers investigation // NMRCM-2004: International Symposium and Summer School, St.-Petersburg, 2004 request >>>
  • Low-field 1-D MRI // RYSC "Actual problems of NMR and its applications", Kazan, 2003 request >>>
  • Low Field NMR in Rubber Structure Investigation // International Rubber Conference IRC-03, Nurnberg, 2003 request >>>
  • 2-D images acquisition by mobile NMR hardware // SDMS-IX, Moscow, 2002 request >>>
  • Mobile NMR harware - experimental realization // RYSC "Actual problems of NMR and its applications", Kazan, 2001 request >>>
  • The practical realization of 1-D NMR spectrosopy methods in low magnetic fields // SDMS-VIII, Yoshkar-Ola, 2001 request >>>
  • Investigations of the water sorption processes in chitin-containing mushrooms materials // SDMS-VIII, Yoshkar-Ola, 2001 request >>>
  • Solid State NMR application in analysis of protein in mushrooms // International Workshop "Modern Development of MRI and Spectroscopy", Kazan, 2001 request >>>