NMR Services


Resonance Systems offers several services to fulfill requirements and possibilities of each customer.

Samples testing

You can easily send us your samples if you see no reason to acquire the NMR device for just several tests. In scientific laboratories of Resonance Systems dedicated investigation of the submitted samples are conducted. We offer the following types of NMR analysis:

  • Relaxation decays acquisition and prosessing
  • NMR spectra acquisition and processing T1 and T2 relaxation times evaluation
  • Correlation analysis of submitted samples
  • Non-standard application and hardware development

Please, fill the sample submission form (zip-archive, 31 KB) and send it to our R&D bureau via normal post or email. Some of widely used analysis procedures are already described on the Applications page.

NMR consulting
Resonance Systems provides comprehensive consultations for anyone whose activity is devoted or related to NMR investigations, developments or engineering. If you have any collaboration idea or have some tasks with NMR don't hesitate to contact our specialists.

NMR hardware lease
In case you have no experience in NMR hardware usage or just want to test it as new technique of analysis Resonance Systems can offer NMR spectrometers in profitable conditions of leasing. Lease conditions depend on test usage duration and final contribution of our staff in installation and investigation process. If results of test are successfull you can purchase a device by depreciated cost. Contact Resonance Systems for detailed information.
NMR hardware upgrade
Electronic modules produced by Resonance Systems can be used to upgrade outmoded NMR facilities from 80's and 90's. Modern electronics and powerful data processing with Relax script software provide inexpensive low-budget upgrade and make old used NMR hardware compliant with modern requirements. The expenses for upgrade of used spectrometer may be by several times less than expences for the installation of new NMR spectrometer. Contact Resonance Systems for detailed information.