About Us

Resonance Systems was founded in 2008 by the specialists from the Volga State Technological University, Russian Federation, who have a great experience in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance and the electronic design. The main activity of the company from the moment of foundation to the present day is the development, production and implementation of analytical equipment for industrial and research needs.

Resonance Systems offers solutions for a wide range of analytical tasks. We deal with serial production and development of custom equipment in accordance with specific customer requirements. The company's strategy is the development of new solutions with permanent improvement and support of existing ones.

Main events of the company's history:

2008 - establishment of Resonance Systems Ltd., Russian Federation.

2010 - conclusion of the dealer agreement with COSA Xentaur Corporation, a strategic partner of Resonance Systems in the United States.

2012 - establishment of the branch in Czech Republic - Resonance Systems s.r.o.

2014 - transfer of main activity from custom desing to serial production and certification of produced equipment.

2015 - beginning of the collaboration with PPM Materials GmbH, best European supplier of quality magnetic materials.

2016 - establishment of the branch in the Federal Republic of Germany - Resonance Systems GmbH.