MRI system SpinVision

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SpinVision is embedded to our magnets with air gap more than 26 mm and with induction less than 0,5 T. It does not require cryogenic liquids and very easy in operation. SpinVision MRI instrumentis a completed system including the spectrometer electronic console, 3-channel gradient amplifier, magnet system with special 3-axis gradient probe head, phantom sample, laptop with installed software and user guides with detailed experiments descriptions. Teaching of NMR and MRI basics is very easy. SpinVision supports MRI experiments based on Spin Echo (SE) imaging and Gradient Echo (GE) imaging. Variety of NMR routines like FID (Free Induction Decay), Hahn Echo, Hahn Echo Decay,CPMG, Solid Echo, MSE (Magic Sandwich Echo), Double Quantum Relaxation, sequences for T1 and T2 measurement are included to software package.

SpinVision is an ideal instrument for NMR and MRI learning. Three easy steps how to create your first magnetic resonance image:

The 1st step - insert the sample to probe head of SpinVision MRI system
The 2nd step - press "Start" button of SpinVision software on the screen of your PC
The 3rd step - get your high resolution and high contrast image!
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