TD-NMR Analyzer Spin Track

Benchtop TD-NMR analyzer Spin Track is an ideal instrument for industrial applications such as Solid Fat Content Determination (ISO 8292), Oil and Moisture in Seeds and Nuts Determination (ISO 10565 and ISO 10632), Total Hydrogen Content in Fuel Determination (ASTM D 7171-05), Spin Finish in Textile. Advanced scientifically oriented software provides easy development of new NMR applications and studying quantum physics, nuclear magnetic resonance, analytical and physical chemistry in Universities and Colleges. Observable nuclei: 1H (basic configuration); 2H, 19F, 23Na, 31P and 27Al (optional configurations).

Spin Track NMR-analyzer console specifications

Spectrometer mainboard Frequency range: 1 kHz - 100 MHz
  Sequence time resolution: 20 ns
  Frequency resolution: 1 Hz
  Pulse sequence: Fully programmable
  ADC bits: 14 or 16
  Programmable RF-pulses phase shift step: 50
  PC connection: High Speed USB 2.0
Preamplifier Gain: 30 dB
  Input / Output impedance: 50 Ω
  Noise figure: <1.5 dB
  Ringing time: <7 µs
Power amplifier Input / Output impedance: 50 Ω
  Maximal output power: 300 W
Power Supply Input: 220 V (50 Hz / 60 Hz), 110 V on demand
Relax Software Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  Data compatibility: ANSI Values Columns, Microsoft Excel®
Dimensions Spin Track: 423х271,5х151 mm
  Spin Track mini (can’t be equipped with pulse gradient system): 297x210x115 mm
Weight Spin Track: 9 kg
  Spin Track mini: 5 kg
Power consumption 100 W

Standard magnets specifications

Sensor tube diameter 10 mm 1H Frequency: 20 MHz
  Dimensions: 282 х 175 х 270 mm
  Weight: 33 kg
Sensor tube diameter 18 mm 1H Frequency: 17 MHz
  Dimensions: 282 х 175 х 270 mm
  Weight: 33 kg
Sensor tube diameter 40 mm 1H Frequency: 14 MHz
  Dimensions: 350 х 240 х 250 mm
  Weight: 50 kg

* Depending on customer request we can produce magnet system for any NMR tube diameter within the range 1,7..40 mm

NMR experiment script software Relax

Software Relax is the powerful tool both to utilize the standard NMR relaxation routines and to create new ideas of pulses, gradients, gains and attenuations in the way of any complexity. The built-in script language based on widespread Pascal syntax is enriched with commands of fitting, Fourier and Laplace transforms, Low-pass filtering. The script supports dialogue windows, static messages, user-defined diagrams, data manipulation procedures. Relax allows direct processing of spectra, that can turn the Spin Track into NMR spectrometer.